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Full Disclosure is a hilariously truthful look at how hard it is for two people to find happiness with each other and all their baggage.  Judy Greer (Elizabethtown, 13 Going on 30) and Brent Sexton (Flightplan, Radio) deliver brilliantly comedic performances.  Side-splitting, up-lifting--it's the freshest look at making love work you've seen in years.

Tired of wasting time on relationships that break up when one person discovers something they can't stand about the other, Everett decides to reveal every terrible attitude, habit, and hang-up on the first date.  Shockingly, women don't respond as he'd hoped...until he meets Brinn who's willing to play his game and try for Full Disclosure.

Full Disclosure is written and directed by Douglas Horn. The film premiered at the 2005 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films.

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Broken tells the funny, irreverent, touching story of a man who breaks his penis. The film is written & directed by Paco Farias and stars Margi Simmons and Michael Manuel

Broken has been selected to premiere at the prestigeous Florida Film Festival March 5-14, 2004.

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"Back Up, Please"              
Back Up, Please is a dramatic short film featuring breakout performances by emerging actors Karl Bury (The Majestic), Branden Morgan (U-Boat), and Light Wilder (Made-Up) and vetran character actor Ron Gilbert (The Usual Suspects, The Godfather).   

The story examines how four characters slide toward tragedy when two cars block each other on a narrow street and neither driver is willing to back up to let the other pass first.

Back Up, Please was filmed using 24p HD video system and completed in early 2003.  The film premiered at The American Cinematheque as part of their "Alternative Screen" series.  It continues to play in film festivals across the country.   

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"Trailer: The Movie!"
Trailer: The Movie! is a hilarious, award-winning satire of big budget films and their theatrical trailers, which has been an official selection in twenty film festivals so far.  The story follows two filmmakers who discover that their blockbuster is really just a bust.  The decide to create a misleading theatrical trailer to dupe audiences and save their careers.  (Based on a true story.)   

Trailer: The Movie! was shot on 35mm color film in May 2001 and completed in September 2001.

Distributed by Premium Films.

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"The Crosswalk"           
The Crosswalk is a 3-D computer-animated short comedy which will change the way you look at road signs.  The film is currently in production using cutting-edge computer animation tools and techniques. 

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