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Horn of the Moon Productions, LLC            
11693 San Vicente Blvd., #300, Los Angeles, CA 90049          
tel. (310) 388-5299        fax (310) 388-5395
e-mail info@hornofthemoon.com                  


Script Submission Policy:                    
Horn of the Moon Productions accepts screenplay submissions.  To be considered, screenplays must be made in accordance with our guidelines.  Please e-mail queries to query@hornofthemoon.com with the Subject "QUERY: (Script Title)".  Include a logline, one-page synopsis, and note any awards or attachments.  We will reply with the specific submission procedure.  Please do not simply mail your script, as unrequested submissions must be destroyed unopened.   

We will consider quality stories of all genres, however, we are most excited about groundbreaking scripts that somehow push the storytelling envelope.  We love comedies, dramas, crime stories, and thrillers but are usually less excited about sci-fi or horror.  However, our guiding principle is that great stories with compelling characters that generate real emotion make the best films, no matter what the genre.  If you have a script like this, we'd like to see it.